22 Days of Thanks – Social Media

Social media.  Everyone seems to have an opinion about it, am I right?  Some people spend probably way too much time on it and focus on the wrong things while others use it solely for promotion or staying in touch with friends.  Of course, there are still others that avoid it at all costs.  I Read More

22 Days of Thanks – Blogging Friends

The first post in this Days of Thanks series was dedicated to my blog, but we’re going to take it one step further today.  In fact, I intentionally left this part out of the other post so that it could have its own dedicated post (because, it truly deserves it).  The thing about blogging is Read More

22 Days of Thanks – BoxyCharm

It should be no surprise by now how much I love makeup.  Playing with colors and transforming your entire look can often bring me a lot of joy.  No, seriously.  There are times where it’s one o’clock in the morning, and I’m sitting on my bedroom floor swatching eyeshadows or lipsticks.  Sometimes, I’ll even apply Read More

22 Days of Thanks – Music

There’s a popular quote about music that goes “Where words fail, music speaks.” and it couldn’t have been said any better.  Music has a magical way of expressing exactly how you’re feeling when you can’t think of the right words to describe.  It can also make you realize something that you’re feeling when you’re not even one Read More

22 Days of Thanks – Blogging

It only seems appropriate that the first post in my 22 Days of Thanks series would be about blogging–specifically, my blog.  Blogging has been something that I’ve started off and on over the years but never really stuck to it because I lacked the confidence in myself and felt ridiculous.  Last year (almost to the day, actually), Read More

Living a Spooky Childhood

Halloween is right around the corner.  Do you know what you’re going to be going as yet?  I do have a look in mind for myself that I’m still trying to fine tune before the big day.  You’ll have to follow me on Instagram to see the big reveal come Halloween day, though.  At least, Read More

Anxious Ramblings

Fun fact!  Today is a pretty special day.  At least, it is for me.  Why is that you may ask?  Oh, because this girl is celebrating a birthday today.  That’s right!  On this day, 35 very long years ago, I came wailing into this world.  It was quite a dramatic experience from what I’ve been Read More

Book Review: #FashionVictim

Bitches get stitches.  No, really.  That’s the tagline for this book by Amina Akhtar.  Honestly, that should have been my first inkling that this book was going to be a little bit darker than I originally expected, but let me explain myself a little for a second. This book was purchased through a lovely monthly Read More

September BoxyCharm – Wild Flower

Another month has come and gone which means it’s time for another BoxyCharm subscription box review.  For those that don’t know, BoxyCharm is a US beauty subscription box that costs $21 a month.  In the box, you receive 4 or 5 full-size (sometimes, there will be some deluxe samples) beauty products.  Boxes usually have a retail Read More