Maybelline SuperStay Foundation – Review

maybelline superstay foundation review
Damn, Daniel.  Back at it again with another makeup review.

No, but seriously.  I have been testing out the (somewhat) new Maybelline Super Stay Full Coverage foundation (affiliate link*), and I’m ready to give you my thoughts.  Let me just say that drug store foundations are really upping their game these days.  This foundation only costs about $10 (in the US) and comes with a pump!  No more having to tap some out of the bottle and praying that you don’t accidentally pour out too much.  With this foundation, you can just pump two squirts out onto the back of your hand and then use your tool of choice to blend away.  It should be noted that in my testing of the product, I used the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge (affiliate link*) to blend.

Foundation Claims
  • Full Coverage
  • Up to 24 wear
  • Seamless matte finish
  • Breathable and comfortable

First off, I would say that this foundation is more of a medium to full coverage foundation.  With just two pumps, it definitely provides a decent amount of coverage, but can probably be built to a fuller coverage.  Honestly, this is kind of hard to tell for me because I don’t generally have a lot of discoloration or blemishes on my skin.  When I think of full coverage, I tend to think of more cake-y looking foundations and this definitely does not do that.  I’m also not a beauty guru so I don’t one hundred percent know what makes a foundation truly full coverage.  Let’s put it this way:  it evened out my skintone, but my moles/beauty marks were still visible (which I am absolutely okay with because they’re a part of me).

maybelline superstay foundation

The foundation does blend out to a matte finish, but if you have oily skin, it will begin to seep through the longer you wear the foundation.  This is especially true if you are sweating.  I ended up wearing the foundation to a birthday party for my nephew that was held outside…in 100 degree weather.  We were outside for three hours in the hot, humid Louisiana weather, and my foundation didn’t move.  Sure, it got a bit shiny thanks to my oily t-zone and sweating, but it stayed where it was.  If I had brought a sponge or even a towel to dab off the sweat/shine, I do believe it would have gone back to it’s matte finish.

maybelline superstay day two maybelline superstay day two after sun

If you look closely in the above left picture, you can see a blemish above the arch in my brow that is still peeking through which is why I would say this is medium to full coverage.  The second picture was taken about halfway through the party in natural sunlight.  I didn’t think to get a picture of it after all was said and done when I got home.  But don’t worry, I have one more set of before and after pictures coming up for you.

Going outside isn’t something that I typically do.  I’m not even joking.  I have a sensitivity to the sun and usually end up drained and sick (I slept for three hours after I got home that day) so I don’t normally spend a lot of time outside.  One thing that I do typically do a lot is work a full shift at my job.  It’s a retail job that involves a lot of running around.  Our air conditioning system is seriously lacking so there is a lot of sweating.  Because these are the conditions that I’m used to, I knew that I could get a good idea of the foundation’s performance by wearing it to work.  And so, I broke my own rule about not wearing makeup to work to give it the true test.

maybelline superstay day 3 maybelline superstay day 3

The first photo was taken right after I was finished applying my makeup while the second one was taken right after I walked in the house after working for seven hours.  As you can see, we started off very matte and ended super shiny.   You can also see that the foundation is still in place and the coverage is still there.  As far as breathable and comfortable goes…well, that last picture was taken two hours ago from me writing this.  I still haven’t washed my face (but I will, don’t worry), and I can’t even tell that I’m wearing makeup.

So is the Maybelline Super Stay Full Coverage foundation worth it?  Absolutely.  I should also note that there is a spot on the end of my nose (thank you, oily t-zone) that struggles with holding foundation, and this foundation had good days and bad days in that spot but nothing too awful.

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