January BoxyCharm – Boxy and Chill

January 2019 BoxyCharm review

It’s that time of the month again: the time we review the BoxyCharm of the month. For January, the theme was Boxy and Chill which, though super cute, I’m not quite sure what the actual contents of the box have to do with the theme. Actually, it there were a couple of products that kind of tied into the theme, but it just seemed like a super random. This leads me to believe that every box had the face masks in them. Fun fact! Not every BoxyCharm box is the same. Usually there’s an item or two that everyone will receive, but then there are also a few items that you have a random chance of receiving. For example, there were at least five different lipsticks that could have come in my box. Keep reading to see which one I came in mine!

Briogeo – Roscaro Milk Reparative Leave-in-Conditioning Spray ($12)

Might as well start this review off with an honest confession: this product was not for me in the slightest. It smells delightful, and I am certain it’s great for other hair types, but I have natural, mixed hair that’s very thick. My hair also only gets washed about once a week, and this product is recommended to be used on wet hair and also for heat protection. I don’t put heat on my hair at all. The product we received was actually more of a travel-size than full-size like most of the products received in BoxyCharm, and it would take the entire travel-size bottle to coat my hair. I definitely feel like this product was made for hair that is more fine and less kinky than my own.

Ofra – Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick ($20)

I already own several of Ofra’s liquid lipsticks and really enjoy them when I’m in the mood for a matte, liquid lipstick. In January’s box, I received a shade that I had been considering purchasing before but never quite pulled the trigger on. It’s one of the collaborative lipsticks that Ofra did with Kathleenlights from YouTube. The shade is called Miami Fever, and it’s kind of a rusty orange or terra-cotta color. From my experience, Ofra lipsticks don’t dry all the way, but they also don’t make that claim. In fact, they claim to have minimal transfer instead which I do think is true. They’re fairly comfortable and a little less drying than some liquid lipstick formulas.

Tarte – Rainforest of the Sea Eyeshadow Palette ($36)

This palette is super adorable, but I’m not sure that I like it. Let me explain. Most Tarte eyeshadows have a very specific consistency in that they use Amazonian Clay in the formula. This makes the shadow very soft and creamy. It also makes picking product up on a brush rather difficult, especially the matte shades which there were only two in the palette. In fact, I was able to press my finger into the matte shade and leave a print indentation and not get much product on my fingertip at all when I lifted it. Now imagine trying to tap an eyeshadow brush into the pan to get some color. It’s near impossible. The shades in the palette are gorgeous, though, and I think they work fairly well when applied with your fingertips.

Tatcha – Luminous Dewy Skin Face Mask ($24)

I was actually really excited to get Tatcha in my box this month. I’ve only ever heard good things about the brand, but it’s kind of expensive. Case in point? Two sheet masks retails for $24. It’s definitely not a product that I would purchase on my own because I can’t afford it so it was fun to receive it in the box. I actually liked the face mask, but I also really like my Garnier Moisture Bomb face masks from the drug store so it wasn’t exactly life changing to the point that I have to go out and get more of the Tatcha masks. It was still a fun and luxurious item to receive in the box and treat myself a bit.

Billion Dollar Brows – Universal Brow Pencil ($18)

I hated this brow pencil. First, I do believe it only comes in one color which is why it’s called the universal brow pencil. The color actually isn’t too bad for me, but the pencil itself just does not work for me. For starters, it has a very thick tip which loses its point the first time you use it. This makes applying precise lines really difficult to accomplish. The formula to this pencil is also a lot creamier than I anticipated. It only feels more like an eyeliner or lip liner. This makes the color smudge way too easily.

January’s edition of BoxyCharm comes to a grand total of $110! Was it a perfect box? No, but I never expect it to be. After all, you’re getting mystery items to test it out and explore for yourself. Is the box worth it? If you’re wanting to explore new products that maybe you wouldn’t purchase on your own or wanting to build your collection, absolutely.

That being said, I have decided that this is going to be my last BoxyCharm for a while. I already have a lot of beauty and makeup products that I want to get more use of before they expire (because makeup does eventually go bad) so I don’t really need anymore. I also want to try out other boxes this year, and my budget calls for letting go of one subscription before trying out another. Even though I won’t be getting the box again for a while, I definitely still think it’s one of the best makeup related subscription boxes out there!

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