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BoxyCharm review August 2018

Another month has come and gone which means…it’s time for another BoxyCharm subscription box review!  For those that don’t know, BoxyCharm is a subscription box that ships every month.  Inside each box is approximately 4 or 5 full size beauty related products for you to enjoy and try out for yourself.  Sometimes there are deluxe samples or travel size  versions of products instead of full-sized, but it’s more than what you would typically get in the cheaper beauty subscription boxes.  Each box usually totals over $100 worth of goodies.  The greatest part about that?  You only pay $21 a month!  Let’s dive into August’s box.

Adesse – Sweet Almond Cuticle Oil ($18)

Now, I don’t know about you, but I’m not sure how an oil can be non-greasy.  Once you apply it to your nails and rub it in, your fingertips become oily.  If you try to wash your hands, you pretty much wash off the treatment as well so you have to deal with leaving greasy fingerprints on anything you touch.  Fun fact:  I’m wearing the oil right now and the keys on my keyboard are now oily.

Also, I have noticed that after using the oil, the area around my fingernails becomes a lot drier when I’m not using the oil.  I’m having to apply hand lotion more often than usual.

Bang Beauty – Chocolate Eyeliner ($22)

First off, the shade “chocolate” is misleading.  I was expecting a rich brown color, but this brown is so light.  Honestly, I could potentially move pass that.  What I can’t move pass, however, is that it doesn’t apply well at all.  I tried it as both a brow pomade and eyeliner.  Even though I picked a lot of product up on my brush, it applied with hardly any pigment whatsoever.  Okay, that’s still workable.  You just have to build it up, right?  Wrong!  It became extremely chunky very quickly as soon as you start to try and layer it up.  

When I used it as eyeliner, I experienced much of the same.  It looked like I missed a spot on my eyelid where I applied the eyeliner.  Honestly, I couldn’t one hundred percent tell if the eyeliner shade just matched my skin tone (which is a beige color) or if it just removed any shadow pigment that was already placed down.  That answer is totally up in the air, and neither of those options are really a good result.  

Wander Beauty – Baggage Claim Gold Eye Masks ($13)

I’m always at a bit of a loss when it comes to reviewing skincare from a subscription box.  It typically takes at least a month of continuous use to notice any major differences.  The issue with that is that subscription boxes typically come in the middle of the month, and you want your review up as close to the end of the month as possible for it to even be relatively relevant.  

Eye masks are even harder because you usually only receive a few (in this case, 3) and you obviously don’t use them every single day.  What I can say is that these are way better than the last eye masks that I received.  They actually stay in place, and the metallic gold appearance makes them kind of cool to look at.

Can I attest that they are the ultimate holy grail of eye masks?  No, of course not.  What I can say is that they did provide hydration and soothe my under eye area.  Bonus points is that I didn’t appear to have any type of reaction to it which is always a plus because I have sensitive skin.  They’re not as great as my Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels, but I don’t have any complaints about them.  

Smashbox – Always On Metallic Matte ($24)

I am not a fan of metallic lips.  While they’re great for dramatic looks for events or holiday looks, I couldn’t see myself wearing them on a normal day to day basis.  This lip is kind of different than your typical metallics.  I received the shade so jelly, and it’s more of a glittery matte lipstick than what I would consider a metallic lip.  Surprisingly, it’s a pretty comfortable formula.  

It is a little drying as most matte lipsticks, but it isn’t sticky at all once it dries.  There is a little bit of cracking/clumping in the corners of the mouth and around the edges especially if you continuously smack your lips together.  It is transfer resistant once it dries, but I don’t think it’s as long lasting as your typical matte liquid lips.

My favorite thing about the lipstick is the applicator.  It’s not your typical doe foot applicator and is more like a triangular shaped sponge that makes applying it a lot more accurate.  

I did try pairing it with a Nyx Butter Gloss which obviously took away all transfer resistance.  Surprisingly, though, it layered quite well.  The gloss covered the sparkle, but I actually really like how it looked and felt with a gloss on top.  

Laura Lee Los Angeles – Party Animal Eyeshadow Palette ($19)

Lately, there’s been a  bit of controversy surrounding Laura Lee and her friends.  I’m not a fan of that drama at all, but I’m not going to get into any details because this is all about the review of the palette, and my objective was to remain impartial to any scandals.  

Honestly, when I first swatched these shadows on my forearm, I was disappointed. They didn’t perform well at all in the swatches, but I’ve learned first hand that swatches can be totally misleading.  I had to try it on my eyes.  

I started with the purple which had me a bit concerned in the beginning.  At first application, it was patchy and blended weird.  It took a little extra effort in blending than I’m used to, but it ended up blending out into a vibrant hue in my crease. 

The blues were also both vibrant and went on fairly easy.  The lime green, though.  It’s a deceptive color.  It goes on vibrant and pigmented at first.  But, a few hours into the day and it faded into a barely there hint of color.  By the time I got home from work, it almost looked like I had applied a low quality white shadow to my inner lid.  It’s not bad, but I definitely prefer my Urban Decay Electric palette over it.

House of Lashes – Style: Knockout ($12)

I tried.  I really tried.  I have never been a fan of falsh lashes.  I have tried numerous times for the sake of the beauty world, but I struggle big time when it comes to applying them.  And then when I finally get them on, they feel heavy and almost scratchy.  I don’t know if this is because I have astigmatism or not, but lashes aren’t my thing.

These lashes are beautiful, though.  And they do seem like they are pretty durable.  They did survive my numerous attempts at putting them on which involved continually removing and reapplying lash glue.  

I honestly feel like lashes are hard to review anyway (unless they’re of shitty quality) because everyone has different eye shapes and their own preferences when it comes to style and volume of their lashes. 

I am fortunate enough to have longer, fuller lashes that curl on their own naturally.  All I need is a good mascara, and I’m set.

Bonus Review:  Benefit Bad Gal Bang Mascara

Since, the lash department was kind of fail in August’s box due to me not being a fan of lashes in general, I’ve decided to throw in a bonus review of a mascara that I recently purchased.  It’s a newer mascara from Benefit Cosmetics.  I thought I was going to love this mascara, but I do not.  Here’s why.  

The formula is very watery.  I generally prefer when my mascara is a little drier because it leaves less room for messes.  Sure enough, this mascara went everywhere when I applied it.  Not only did it transfer to my eyelid because there’s a drying window that needs to be filled before you can blink, but I also ended up with a glop of it on the side of my nose because the end of the wand got a little too close.

The bristles are short and plastic which made it really difficult to keep my lashes separated once I started to apply a second layer.  Needless to say, my lashes looked a little clumpier than I would normally like.  On the plus side, it did last all day which was over 10 hours of wear.

And there you have it!  My August BoxyCharm definitely had its hits and misses.  The overall total of this month’s box was $108.  Yes, you read that correctly.   $108.  For only paying $21, that is an amazing deal.  Even if I didn’t like all of the products, I still got to try them out and discover for myself.    If you’d like to try it for yourself, you can sign up here.  This is a referral link, but I don’t paid for it.  All I earn from this link is points in my account.  Sometimes, BoxyCharm will run a special where if someone signs up through a referral link, both parties will receive an extra product in their boxes.  So, if you’d like to sign up, I would appreciate if you use my referral, but you absolutely do not have to.  Just go to (no referral link) and sign up!  

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