22 Days of Thanks – Shane Dawson

22 Days of Thanks ; Shane Dawson

If you haven’t noticed by now, I spend a lot of time watching YouTube.  It’s actually kind of funny because I legitimately think that I watch more YouTube than I do actual television.  It takes me forever to catch up on television shows (fun fact:  I’m already behind on my Fall TV watch list), but there literally isn’t a day that goes by where I haven’t watched at least one thing on YouTube.  Heck, at one point I even attempted to be a YouTuber.  But, that’s something we don’t really talk about anymore.

Anyway.  In my opinion, Shane Dawson is practically the king of YouTube.  I’ve always been somewhat drawn to his content even when he was uploading Monday-Friday, and the quality of the videos were pretty subpar.  There was always just something about his personality that drew me into checking back to his videos even though I admittedly didn’t watch them all.

Within the last year or so, however, Shane changed up his content and started taking more time to work on his videos and put out better quality videos, and now I find myself not being able to wait for his uploads.  Well, I actually can wait because they’re always well worth it.  

His videos recently are more like mini docu-series, and I swear the man needs his own Netflix series or something of that sort.  He’s done series with fellow YouTubers that really dive into their lives and behind the scenes that have made me become invested in what happens next on his channel when I don’t even watch that particular YouTuber. 

There’s definitely a reason he currently has 19 million followers.  I mean, the man posted a nearly two hour video and 20 million people watched it.  Shane is definitely a creative genius who really seems to care about people and be a genuine human being whom isn’t completely blinded by his fame.

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