22 Days of Thanks – Readers

What’s 22 Days of Thanks without being thankful for the people that actually read this blog?  There really was no other way way to end this little series of being thankful in my life than to say a big Thank You to everyone who has to come to this blog at some point or another.  Read More

22 Days of Thanks – Parents

My mom and dad got married on January 14, 1983.  Nine months and six days later, a star (aka me) was born!  Obviously, I’m thankful for my parents because I literally wouldn’t be here without them, but there are also so many more things to be grateful about when it comes to my parental units. Read More

22 Days of Thanks – Shane Dawson

If you haven’t noticed by now, I spend a lot of time watching YouTube.  It’s actually kind of funny because I legitimately think that I watch more YouTube than I do actual television.  It takes me forever to catch up on television shows (fun fact:  I’m already behind on my Fall TV watch list), but Read More

22 Days of Thanks – Audiobooks

If you there’s one thing to know about it me, it’s that I enjoy writing very much.  On the opposite (and yet somewhat the same) scale of that, I also enjoy reading.  When I was younger,  I actually  used to be able to complete a book in a single day.  Sometimes, it would take two Read More

22 Days of Thanks – Mr. Kate

I have mentioned before that I am not an artistic person.  Though, it’s true that my creativity sparks when it comes to writing, I lack talent when it comes to the top skills you think of when envisioning an artist:  drawing, singing, and dancing. I’ll tell you what I am, though.  I am a proud Read More

22 Days of Thanks – Coffee

You may not believe this but up until about three or four years ago, I didn’t really like coffee.  In fact, on the rare occasion that I would drink coffee, it had to be heavily flavored before I would even touch it.  Now?  Well, I technically still don’t drink it black because I add two Read More

22 Days of Thanks – Sister

Seven years before I was born, my mother had another child.  She was steadfast, strong, and dauntless.  She is my sister.  I’ve already mentioned that my brother and I didn’t always get along much like siblings typically do, but my sister and I…sometimes we took it to a whole other level.  We fought a lot Read More

22 Days of Thanks – RP Community

I am a weird human being.  There’s really no point in denying it as I’m sure anyone that has been following my blog has likely picked up on that already.  It’s okay, though.  I embrace my weirdness.  That’s why I’m going to talk about one of my weird “secrets” today.   I’m talking about the RP Read More

22 Days of Thanks – Pets

I’ve been alive for a fairly long time and, throughout those many years, I can’t remember a time where I didn’t have a pet of some sort.  Whether it was a fish, turtle, hamster or dog, there was always something for my siblings and I to raise.   I guess you could say it taught us Read More

22 Days of Thanks – Nieces & Nephew

Let’s be real:  children are not in my future.  In a previous post, I shared my true feelings on how I felt about that fact, but it’s something that I have come to accept as my fate.  Thankfully, my siblings have found a way around that little problem for me.  They did this by giving Read More